Exchange Visitors

The Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 visa) is designed to promote the interchange of persons, knowledge, and skills in the fields of education, arts, and sciences. Participants include students at all academic levels; trainees obtaining on-the-job training with firms, institutions, and agencies; teachers of primary, secondary, and specialized schools; professors coming to teach or do research at institutions of higher learning; research scholars; professional trainees in the medical and allied fields; and international visitors coming for the purpose of travel, observation, consultation, research, training, sharing, or demonstrating specialized knowledge or skills, or participating in organized people-to-people programs. In addition, there are several exchange visitor programs for young people, including summer employment programs, intern programs for university students, and au-pair programs.

To find out more about the J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program, please click here.


U.S. Government sponsored exchange visitor applicants and their dependents are not required to pay the MRV application fee or applicable issuance fees if participating in a Department of State, a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), or a Federally funded educational and cultural exchange program.  The programs are identified by the serial number printed on the DS-2019 which will begin with G-1, G-2, G-3, or G-7.  If this applies in your case, you are required to contact the Embassy directly.

College and university students enrolled full time and pursuing studies at post-secondary accredited academic institutions located outside the United States come to the United States to share their culture and ideas with people of the United States through temporary work and travel opportunities. The U.S. Embassy in Pristina encourages all Kosovar students attending university-level studies to consider participation in the Summer Work & Travel program (SWT). Learn more about how to apply and also visit the State Department’s Summer Work Travel website for more information.

A former exchange visitor may not be issued an immigrant, fiancé(e),temporary worker or intracompany transferee visa until he/she has resided and been physically present in the country of his/her nationality or last residence for at least two years following the termination of exchange visitor status if certain conditions apply.

For further information, including information on obtaining a waiver of the J Visa Two-Year Foreign Residence Requirement, if required, click here.