Nonimmigrant Visas: Reissue Program

Residents of Kosovo who hold a nonimmigrant visa (still valid or expired no more than 48 months ago) and provided a complete set of fingerprints, may be eligible for the Visa Reissue Program.  Applicants must be in Kosovo at the time they submit their application.  If you hold a valid visa, you are not required to wait until it expires before applying for a new one.

There is no additional fee, but applicants must pay the regular MRV fee, which varies by visa class. MRV fee payments made through local banks will not be accepted for cases processed in Pristina.  Applicants must pay in the Pristina Consular Section and will not be refunded bank fees paid in error.  If you have already paid through Raiffeisen Bank, schedule an appointment at the U.S. Embassy Skopje.

A Consular Officer reserves the right to request that any applicant appear in person.