U.S. Embassy Statement on June 11th Elections

U.S. Embassy Statement on June 11th Elections, June 12, 2017

The United States Embassy congratulates the people of Kosovo on their democratic elections yesterday.  We await with interest the report of the official observation mission.  While we are concerned by some reports of outdated voter registries, double-voting and other sporadic irregularities, we commend the Central Election Commission, the Polling Commissioners, the OSCE and all of the monitoring and observation teams for their hard work.  We also pledge our continued support as the process of vote certification continues, and as all reports of irregularities are thoroughly investigated and resolved in accordance with Kosovo law.

The voters of Kosovo have spoken, and now the critical process of forming a new government must begin.  We look forward to working closely with whomever forms the new government.  We hope that all of Kosovo’s newly elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, will commit to taking action for the common good of all citizens of Kosovo. Kosovo has the support of the United States as you continue to move forward on your path to full Euro-Atlantic integration.