U.S. Embassy Statement on the Agreement Between the Government of Kosovo and Contour Global

We welcome yesterday’s agreement between the Government of Kosovo and Contour Global, which represents a huge step towards energy security in Kosovo. Energy insecurity is one of Kosovo’s greatest barriers to economic development. USAID has commissioned studies that put Kosovo’s economic losses at €300 million per year because of unreliable electricity supply.

The United States Government has been working with Kosovo to secure its energy future since 2003 and has supported the various iterations of this project since 2006. The Kosova e Re project will meet stringent European standards for efficiency and emissions and will be in line with World Bank studies showing coal to be the most affordable option for Kosovo. Kosova e Re will also allow for more renewable energy sources to be integrated into the energy sector as part of Kosovo’s commitments to use 25% renewable energy by 2020, and for the eventual closing of Kosovo A, further reducing pollution and carbon emissions in Kosovo. Upon completion, Kosova e Re will be the largest private foreign investment in Kosovo’s history.