U.S. Embassy funds establishment of BONEVET Education Center in Mitrovica

U.S. Embassy funds establishment of BONEVET Education Center in Mitrovica, June 10, 2020

The U.S. Embassy in Pristina is proud to announce it has supported the establishment of a new BONEVET center in Mitrovica with a grant of $248,000. This center will be the fourth of its kind in Kosovo.

The U.S. Embassy in Kosovo has supported BONEVET from the very beginning. We are proud to now deepen our partnership with this extraordinarily successful organization as it expands its work to develop the concrete technological and creative skills of primary and secondary school students across the country.

BONEVET Mitrovica will be a great asset for the city’s youth from all communities. We look forward to seeing BONEVET Mitrovica receive full local support as it searches for a space worthy of its operations in Mitrovica.

We are optimistic BONEVET Mitrovica students will become an important part of the city’s human capital, with concrete technological skills as well as a global outlook that fully embraces the diversity and harmony, which lead to economic development and prosperity.

BONEVET is an interactive learning environment where children and youth explore their talents, abilities and knowledge, through technology-based education. Through its unique and joyful education programs that stimulate curiosity, imagination, and creativity, and hands-on experience from early ages, BONEVET prepares its students to overcome the rapidly evolving digital challenges.