Children’s Issues

We offer the following information for your benefit regarding children and family matters:

The Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program

The Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program (CPIAP) is a service for the parents and legal guardians of minor children. It enables the Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues to notify a parent or court-ordered legal guardian, when requested, before issuing a U.S. passport for his or her child. The parent, legal guardian, legal representatives, or the court of competent jurisdiction must submit a written request for entry of a child’s name into the program to the Office of Children’s Issues. To request that your child’s name be entered in the Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program, click here.

Kosovo Entry/Exit Requirements for Minors

According to Kosovo law, unaccompanied children under 14 years of age need written permission (notarized by a local Kosovo notary) by both parents or legal guardians in order to travel out of the country without his/her parents.  The law is applicable for all minor children regardless of nationality.

Kosovo Law on Travel Documents (PDF 86KB)