Statement from U.S. Embassy Pristina

Statement from U.S. Embassy Pristina, February 28, 2019

National Security Council (NSC) Deputy Senior Director for Europe John Erath and NSC Director for European Affairs Brad Berkley met yesterday with President Thaci and Prime Minister Haradinaj, following their visit to Belgrade and meetings with Serbian government leaders.  The visitors came to reinforce President Trump’s message “to seize this unique moment…and refrain from actions that would make an agreement more difficult to achieve.”  They stressed in both capitals the White House’s concern the Dialogue must get back on track, and both parties must cease provocative actions and take constructive steps to return to the negotiating table.   The visitors reiterated their message of a joint interagency letter February 11 that the tariffs on Serbian and Bosnian products are an impediment towards progress, undermine our partnership, and must be suspended to move the Dialogue with Serbia forward.  They emphasized the urgency of Kosovo reaching a comprehensive normalization agreement with Serbia and U.S.-Kosovo alignment on this shared strategic interest.