Statement by Ambassador Jeffrey M. Hovenier

Statement by Ambassador Jeffrey M. Hovenier, September 24, 2023

The United States strongly condemns the orchestrated, violent attacks on the Kosovo Police this morning, September 24. The Kosovo Police has full and legitimate responsibility for enforcing the rule of law according to the constitution and laws of Kosovo. We recognize and respect its role as the first responder to emergency and crisis situations. We appreciate the ongoing coordination between the Kosovo Police, the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo, and the NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR), as appropriate.

We are monitoring the situation closely and condemn these violent acts against the legitimate authorities of the Republic of Kosovo.  The perpetrators must and will be held accountable and brought to justice.  They should immediately cease their attacks.

On behalf of the United States, I express my deep condolences following the death of the Kosovo Police Sergeant who was killed in the line of duty. I also convey my wishes for a speedy recovery for the two officers injured.