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Anti Corruption Kick-Off Conference

Around the world, corruption saps economic growth, hinders development, destabilizes governments, undermines democracy and provides openings for dangerous groups like criminals, traffickers, and terrorists. As Secretary Kerry has said, corruption “tears at the entire fabric of society.” The U.S. Department of State has made anti-corruption a national security priority and works across the globe to prevent graft, promote accountability, and empower reformers.

U.S. Embassy Pristina is determined to have no engagement with officials under official investigation for corruption, terminate assistance to corrupt officials or agencies, and ban travel for individuals engaged in corruption.

Many sections of U. S. Embassy Pristina have an active agenda focused on this critical issue. They have funded numerous projects and trainings to support Kosovo institutions, civil society and the private sector to encourage a more coordinated approach to addressing corruption and to ensure government agencies remain actively engaged. Specific projects have focused on e-governance, strengthening the judicial system, and encouraging citizens to report corruption.