U.S. Embassy Statement on Municipal Elections

U.S. Embassy Statement on Municipal Elections, April 23, 2023

The United States notes that four mayoral elections and two municipal assembly elections took place in the Kosovan municipalities of Leposavic/q, North Mitrovica/e, Zvecan/Zveqan, and Zubin Potok on April 23, 2023, consistent with Kosovo’s constitutional and legal requirements.

We support a diverse, inclusive, multi-ethnic democracy in Kosovo and the elections that underpin it. We regret that not all parties made use of their democratic right to participate in today’s elections. Electoral participation helps ensure leaders are representative of the populations they serve. Voting is a critical freedom of democratic societies.

We recognize Kosovan election officials’ efforts to make polling places available to citizens wishing to exercise their right to vote, while minimizing potential points of tension. We likewise express our appreciation for the professionalism of the Kosovo Police, EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), and KFOR in ensuring a secure environment for the elections.

We will continue to engage with all relevant parties on next steps.

We also reiterate the importance of and our commitment to the full implementation of the Ohrid agreement.