New U.S. Embassy Compound

The New Embassy Compound (NEC) is designed as a green building, with good indoor environmental quality. Advanced heating and cooling systems are incorporated in the design, maximizing energy efficiency and contributing to the comfort and well-being of building occupants. All installed absorptive materials, ductwork, and finishes are protected during construction, to be protected from dust. Additionally, HVAC filters are replaced before occupancy. The Modular Heat Pump Chiller with Boiler

– has the capability to produce simultaneous cooling and heating at any time. The Geothermal (Vertical Closed Loop) System in combination with the retention pond, is a ground source heat pump that transfers heat to and from the ground, reducing heating and cooling costs. Low emitting materials are used to reduce concentrations of chemical contaminants that can damage air quality, human health, productivity, and the environment.

Vegetated open space within the Project boundary exceeds local code requirements by 50%. Rainwater and gray water are used in irrigation. City of Pristina has no waste water treatment plant; therefore all untreated waste water is dumped directly into the river downstream of the city. To avoid further ecological damage to the Pristina water system from NEC, and in the absence of reliable municipal waste water treatment facilities, on-site waste water treatment is provided.

Potable water use in the building is reduced through low flow fixtures including: toilets, urinals, automatic shut-off lavatory sink faucets, showers, and kitchen sinks.

Locally sourced natural stacked fieldstone is used as wall cladding for perimeter walls, site walls, and partially for building façades, as an expression and celebration of local materials.

Perforated steel screens and sunshades on the South and West Façade combine architectural aesthetics and heat gain optimization. The perforated screen with geometrical features inspired from  local craftsmanship,  provides a defining regional character element. It speaks to the Embassy’s purpose: to be elegantly respectful of and to interact with the local culture.,

Construction Waste Management – to reduce construction   waste   that   is   typically   directed   to landfills, during the construction of NEC, waste materials such as wood, gypsum, metal, cardboard, and plastic were separated and diverted from landfills.