Marriott Signing Ceremony at Marigona Residence

Marriott Signing Ceremony at Marigona Residence, March 28, 2018

I have to say I’m really excited to be here.  Good evening.  It’s a real pleasure to be here tonight to celebrate this tremendous milestone for economic growth, job creation and for an American company in Kosovo.

I want to congratulate especially the Marigona Residence Group on all of its work to bring the Marriott brand to Kosovo.  This new partnership is a tangible demonstration of what I see here every single day – Kosovo’s extraordinary potential as a home for foreign investment and world class international chains.

I helped greet KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, some time ago.  I helped greet Contour Global and Kosova e Re a few months ago, and we’re greeting Marriott International tonight.  What terrific news.

The U.S. Embassy strongly supports engagement from U.S. companies in Kosovo, and these two hotels will provide significant economic benefits for Kosovo’s citizens, as well as providing a comfortable place for its visitors to stay.  In addition to generating millions of euros in construction and annual revenue, they will also employ around 150 people with much-needed, good-paying jobs.

The benefits of these investments will extend far beyond their immediate economic impact.  Marriott’s arrival will help put Kosovo on the map by showing that another major U.S. franchise – and international brand – sees opportunity, sees potential for growth in Kosovo.  It shows the world that Kosovo is open for business and actively seeking investment from the best firms.

Investments and entrepreneurship are critical to Kosovo’s economic future, but they don’t happen on their own.  It takes people with vision and dedication and a commitment to their country’s future to make it happen.  Erolld, Valton, and Rasim – congratulations on bringing Marriott to Kosovo, and for working to improve lives and livelihoods of your fellow citizens.  I hope to see many more individuals, many more American companies following in your footsteps.  And Mr. Ervin, thank you so much, welcome to Pristina.  Welcome Marriott to Kosovo, and I wish you every possible success.

Thank you.