Ambassador Hovenier’s Message on Kosovo’s 14th Independence Day

Ambassador’s Hovenier’s Message on Kosovo’s 14th Independence Day, February 17, 2022

Today, Kosovo celebrates 14 years of independence – 14 years as a sovereign country, and as a trusted partner of the United States.

Kosovo’s achievements over the past 14 short years are nothing less than remarkable – a vibrant democracy, a capable economy, and leadership Kosovo projects beyond its borders.

The United States is proud to call Kosovo our partner and friend.

Partners help each other. That’s why we were so pleased to be able to share last week another half a million safe, effective vaccine doses in our joint fight against COVID-19.

All-together, the American people have donated over 1 million vaccines and almost $10 million dollars of assistance to help keep you and your family members healthy and safe.

Now, as we celebrate this momentous day together, here’s my promise to you: the steadfast partnership we enjoy between our countries – between Kosovo and the United States – will only grow stronger in the years ahead.

How will we do this? Together.

First, by supporting progress on the EU-facilitated Dialogue. We want to see Kosovo fully engaged in the region and integrated into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions. This means reaching a comprehensive agreement with Serbia centered on mutual recognition WITHOUT sacrificing Kosovo’s sovereignty, its territorial integrity, or violating its Constitution.

It also means continuing to support the Kosovo Security Force’s development into a multi-ethnic, NATO-interoperable territorial defense force that is not only capable of defending Kosovo’s borders, but also, as it has already demonstrated, contributes to shared global security missions and supports an effective response to natural disasters.

Second, by supporting efforts towards good governance, and further bolstering independent rule of law institutions, we want to help Kosovo as it continues to build resilient, efficient public institutions that deliver services and justice fairly to all citizens while rooting out corruption.

Third, and finally, we will continue to assist you as you build a sustainable, dynamic economy. An economy that prioritizes energy diversification and enjoys a stable and sustainable energy supply; boasts a strong private sector; attracts foreign direct investment; protects the environment; and retains innovative talent.

So, today, we stand beside Kosovo to celebrate with you. We congratulate you on all that you have achieved and look forward to continuing to support you as you seize the opportunities that await you.

Happy Independence Day Kosovo!