Joint Statement

Statement of EU Embassies/Offices, EUSR/EU Office and US Embassy in Kosovo on the adoption of constitutional amendment and law on the establishment of the Specialist Chambers


“EU Embassies/Offices, EUSR/EU Office and the Embassy of the United States in Pristina welcome the adoption of the constitutional amendment and law needed to establish the Specialist Chambers and the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office.  This was an important step on Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic path.  With this decision, the Kosovo Government and Assembly have demonstrated their commitment to the rule of law and to honor international agreements. The Specialist Chambers are a crucial instrument for achieving justice concerning alleged war crimes committed during the conflict in Kosovo. Their establishment will strengthen the principle of the rule of law in Kosovo, and our countries will continue to support Kosovo’s efforts in this field. By dealing with its past and ensuring justice for the victims, Kosovo can achieve reconciliation and build a better future.”