Joint statement by the EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative and the Embassies/Offices of the EU Member States in Kosovo Pristina, November 30

“Today we have witnessed a continued obstruction by the opposition of the Assembly work. This kind of violent obstruction is neither acceptable nor will it solve any problem for the citizens of Kosovo.

We call for the return to dialogue in the political life in general and the Assembly in particular to prevent any further escalation of violence that could lead to damage of property and injuries to human lives. The people need all of the Assembly and institutions to work and tackle economic, social and other everyday challenges they face.

The peaceful conduct of Saturday’s opposition protests is an example of a democratic way to express disagreement over political issues and a proof that Kosovo and its political leaders are able to engage in a political dialogue through democratic means.

On this occasion, we underline the importance for the institutions to carry out their duties in line with their legal obligations and competencies as well as for the political parties and politicians to exercise their activities within the scope provided by the law.

Nobody is above the law, and the law has to be equally applied to all. In a society governed by the rule of law principles, the decision of a judicial body must be respected and implemented regardless of who is in question. At the same time, in exercising their function, the institutions have an obligation to ensure the full respect for human rights of the persons concerned.”