Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Pristina, Kosovo (April 16, 2020)

Location: Kosovo.

Event: Flight scheduled for this Monday, April 20th.  

UPDATE. A surprise flight from Pristina to Zurich is scheduled for this coming Monday, April 20th, at 1250. Contact Airprishtina (038-222-099) for additional information, or visit their website www.airprishtina.comAll American citizens and permanent residents (LPRs) must have tickets booked to their final destination in the U.S. or they will not be permitted to board the aircraft. Contact Alta Via travel, or another travel agent, to check availability (

UPDATE. American citizens can transit Zurich to Amsterdam to make a connecting flight to the U.S. LPRs face more restrictions since they would require a visa to enter the Schengen Zone. It is possible to stay in the transit terminal hotel while waiting a connecting flight to the U.S. direct from Zurich. 

If you are an LPR or visa holder you must contact before booking your flight to see if you are eligible to travel at this time. The airline is instructed to deny boarding to U.S. visa holders unless they receive confirmation before boarding. 

Based on recent experience at the airport, we recommend: 1) Bring cash (euros) to pay additional bag fees and incidentals, and 2) Have an accessible paper or electronic copy of your tickets with final destination in the U.S. If the airline cannot verify your follow-on tickets they cannot board you on the flight.

Archived Information:  

On April 15, the government of Kosovo introduced additional movement restrictions. All residents in Kosovo will have a daily limit of  90 minutes to leave their premises to accomplish essential tasks. If you need additional assistance or clarification, please call the toll free emergency number 112. Persons over the age of 16 can leave their homes for the supply of essential goods and to perform financial duties and other needs (payments, banking) for 90 minutes only. The schedule of movement is based on the second to last digit of their ID number. For foreign residents that do not possess a Kosovo ID, their movement schedule is based on the second-to-last digit of their foreign passport number. Please check the Ministry of Health web site for more information.

On March 31, the Department of State updated the Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel, due to the global impact of COVID-19. 

On March 16, the United States Embassy in Pristina reduced staffing and operations, however, emergency consular services for U.S. citizens continue to be available. To apply for an emergency passport, or if you have any other urgent matter, contact

Actions to Take: 

  • Consult the CDC website for the most up-to-date information.
  • For the most recent information on what you can do to reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 please see the CDC’s latest recommendations
  • Visit the COVID-19 crisis page on for the latest information.
  • Check with your airlines or cruise lines regarding any updated information about your travel plans and/or restrictions.
  • Visit our Embassy web page on COVID-19 for information on conditions in Kosovo.
  • Visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website on the latest travel restrictions to the U.S.