Happy Holidays from the Kosnett Family

Hello, everyone.

It’s wonderful to be here in Kosovo. We are finally settling in to our new home.

It seems we’ve arrived at a very busy time, so we’re getting to know Kosovo quickly. I’ve already participated in many activities and met many people who have made me feel welcomed and optimistic about what to expect in the coming year.

And we’ve met many young people who display so much promise and energy.

During Anti-Corruption Week, I saw many dedicated individuals and organizations fighting for greater transparency and good governance.  These, and other talented and ambitious people I’ve met, are examples of what citizens can do to continue to build a better future.

What I find wonderful is that Kosovo and America share similar values and experiences, like the importance of coming together with family and the joys and challenges that come from living in a multi-cultural society.

As we approach the holidays and the New Year, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best as you come together with friends and family. We look forward to supporting the effort to achieve lasting peace, prosperity, and justice for all the people of Kosovo – and for neighboring countries, too.

For those who celebrate the holiday – Merry Christmas.

Together: And to everyone, Happy New Year!



Malika: Happy New Year, Everyone!