Ensuring Transparency at the U.S. Embassy Pristina

The Embassy takes transparency seriously—you can report any suspected waste, fraud, or abuse in Embassy programs directly to the Office of Inspector General in Washington.

To report suspected waste, fraud, or abuse in Embassy hiring, procurement, or programs, call the Office of Inspector General at +383-38-59-59-59-59 or report online at https://www.stateoig.gov/hotline

Video Transcript:

The Embassy is committed to ensuring that our processes for hiring, grants, exchanges and contracts are transparent.  So we want everyone involved in these processes to know that if you have knowledge of waste, fraud or abuse in Embassy programs, there are two ways for you to report your concerns directly to the independent Office of the Inspector General in Washington. The Inspector General takes such reports seriously.

To share information about waste, fraud, or abuse at the Embassy, please call the number: +383-38-59-59-59-59.

This number goes directly to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) in Washington, not to the Embassy, there you can leave a confidential message with the information regarding any wrongdoing.  When you leave your message you can also provide your contact information so that an investigator can follow up with you in a confidential manner.  Please know the OIG does not take questions regarding visa refusals. The other way to report your concerns is through the Office of the Inspector General’s website which is also on the screen: https://oig.state.gov/hotline.

This direct line to the Office of Inspector General is another way we are showing our commitment to fairness and transparency here at the Embassy. Everyone has a role in transparency.