Speaker’s Program

U.S. Embassy Pristina Announces the New Embassy Speakers Program

Via U.S. Embassy Speakers Program in Kosovo, members of the Embassy community will come to your school, NGO, or other organization to speak about topics of mutual interest. We want to acquaint you with American culture and values and allow you to meet Americans who live and work in Kosovo. The Embassy Speakers Program offers audiences from all backgrounds and ages the opportunity to hear presentations; ask questions about American foreign policies, politics, and culture; and participate in discussions with a guest speaker.

The themes of speeches and presentations can vary: successful recent presentations have covered American popular culture, sports, foreign policy, U.S. international relations, and many other subjects.  For many audiences, the most important aspect is having personal contact with an American diplomat, and an open forum where they can ask speakers direct questions about the topic of discussion.

The U.S. Embassy Speakers Program will handle the logistics and cost of transportation, and our program coordinator will work with you to organize other aspects of the visit at your venue.  We welcome your suggestions for topics of interest, and speakers will engage in a question and answer session after their presentation.  Please note that while we are open to discussing events where the audience will require translation, our strong preference is to have the speech, as well as the question-and-answer portion, in English.

Our program coordinator is Besim Kokollari.  If you are interested in requesting a guest speaker from the U.S. Embassy Speakers Program for your organization or upcoming event, please contact him via e-mail at papristina@state.gov, attention Besim Kokollari.

In your email, please include the following:

  • Type and age of audience such as students, teachers, local authorities, or NGO representatives
  • Size of the audience
  • Suggested topic of the speech or presentation
  • Preferred time and date (if open, we can work together to schedule)
  • Possible translation requirements