Small Grants Program

What Type of Projects are Funded?

These small grants can be used to support conferences, academic or cultural programs.  Grants are usually limited to approximately $5,000.  Project themes can include any of the following:

  • Visit of U.S. academic expert
  • Visit of U.S. cultural performer/trainer
  • Civic education and civil society
  • Human rights
  • Ethnic and political harmony
  • Environmental clean-up
  • Reconciliation of disputes

Projects NOT funded by the Small Grants Program include:

  • Fund-raising campaigns
  • Humanitarian assistance projects
  • Scientific research projects
  • Projects that take more than a year to implement
  • Projects that duplicate existing projects being implemented by an organization
  • Projects submitted by for profit, commercial organizations
  • Projects that aim to support partisan political activity
  • Trade activities

Evaluation Process:

A review committee will evaluate submitted proposals.  It will take the committee up to two months to complete its review process.  Some applicants may be contacted with questions during this review process.
Evaluation Criteria:

The grants will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • The project proposal demonstrates that the organization has sufficient expertise, skills and human resources to implement the project.
  • The organization demonstrates that is has a clear understanding of the underlying issue that the project is aiming to address and is able to articulate it without using excessive generalizations.
  • The organization has consulted relevant literature, experts and potential partner organizations during the project’s design phase.
  • The organization has identified appropriate beneficiaries or target groups in a way that maximizes project outputs and outcomes and the project has a clear focus and manageable scope.
  • The project idea and approach is innovative yet proposed project activities are concrete and detailed and supported by a reasonable work plan.
  • The project’s budget is well-organized, detailed and reasonable.  There are no budget lines labeled “miscellaneous expenses.”  Entertainment and alcoholic beverage expenses are not included in the budget.  The budget demonstrates that the organization has devoted time to plan for and assess actual expenses associated with the project instead of providing rough estimates.
  • The organization has clearly articulated how it will assess and measure its own performance throughout the project implementation phase using concrete quantitative and qualitative assessment tools.
  • The project proposal describes clearly the approach that will be used to ensure maximum sustainability of the project’s results after its completion.

Specific Guidelines:

The application requires a detailed description of the activity for which grant funds are being requested and a budget proposal broken down by expenditure category, otherwise it will not be considered. Funding cannot be provided for the cost of receptions or food and drink, ongoing salary costs, or office equipment. Cost-sharing by the requesting organization is an important factor in evaluating grant requests.

If your organization would like to submit an application, please complete the following:

  1. Grant Request Form – Ms Word (PDF 304 KB)
  2. Budget Form – Ms Excel (PDF 39 KB)
  3. SF242 I – Application for Federal Assistance – (Individual)  (PDF 61 KB)
  4. SF242 I – Instructions (PDF 15 KB)
  5. SF 424 A – (PDF 314 KB) Budget Information (Non-Construction Programs)
  6. SF 424 B – (PDF 82 KB) Assurances (Non-Construction Programs)

For requests and queries, or to submit completed grant application forms to the Public Diplomacy Section please use: