Deputy Chief of Mission Hyland’s remarks at the Art Exhibition “Kids can help”

Deputy Chief of Mission Hyland’s remarks at the Art Exhibition “Kids can help”, 15 March 2017

Good morning everyone.  It’s my pleasure to be here with you today, to celebrate this great project and on a very important theme on environmental protection.

I would like to thank the panelists, students and the organizers, especially Rrezarta, for your hard work on this project.  It’s our pleasure to be your partner through the Embassy’s Democracy Commission Small Grants Program.

I think this project is so successful because it addresses two themes.  These two themes are very important for the future of Kosovo: youth engagement and environmental protection.  It is often said that youth are the future of Kosovo, but activities like this show that it really is true.  You have created agents of change amongst these 100 students.  And you students have taken the most important first step: you have become educated and aware of human impact on the environment.

I also know that you, the students, have influenced your peers and the community.  You have helped to educate others that how we treat our environment, not only it affects our lives today, but also for years to come.  Your work is making a difference, it is spreading awareness among the public about the environmental issues.  It is encouraging other people to become active agents for sustainable and eco-friendly development, and it is motivating people to clean up their communities and to help make sure they stay clean.

I know that many challenges remain in Kosovo, but I am optimistic about the future because of young people like you.  You are talented, smart and dedicated to making your country a better place.  The Embassy is proud to support project like this because we want to make sure that Kosovo is moving forward and that youth – like you – are part of that movement.

Thank you for your commitment to this program and know that the United States is ready to be your partner now and in the future.  Thank you.