Addressing Sexual Harassment in Public Universities

Deputy Chief of Mission Hyland’s remarks at the panel discussion on “Addressing Sexual Harassment in Public Universities”, March 8, 2017 Good morning and Happy International Women’s Day to you all. It’s my pleasure to celebrate with you today, but, more importantly to highlight this very important discussion on sexual harassment in Kosovo’s public universities. I would like to thank the panelists

Strong Cities Countering Violent Extremism in Kosovo

As Strong City members, I encourage you to participate actively in its efforts and to take advantage of its numerous and varied resources. By doing so, you will learn the practical steps you can take to safeguard the security and well-being of your citizens. And you will demonstrate your support for the values of decency, inclusion, and mutual respect that are essential to economic and social progress.

Civil Society Engagement in Countering Violent Extremism

The Embassy has strongly supported the Government of Kosovo’s efforts to tackle this issue. And now that the Government’s Strategy and Action Plan for countering violent extremism is well established at the national level, it is critical that community leaders take the reins to ensure local level implementation moves forward.

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the World Bank Women in Online Work (WOW)

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the World Bank Women in Online Work (WOW) Event, February 27, 2017 Mirëdita.  Dobar dan.  Good morning everybody.  It’s great to be here. Thank you very much, Prime Minister, Deputy Minister, diplomatic colleagues, participants in WOW. I’m really pleased to be here today to recognize this innovative program.  And I have to say that WOW is just a

Consultative Meeting on the establishment of the Commission for Truth and Reconciliation

Kosovo has already made important strides on the road to recovery from a terrible war that devastated so many families, and that is still causing far too many too much pain. Citizens can be rightfully proud of the steps their government has already made on the path toward reconciliation, including your inclusive laws and multi-ethnic government. Kosovo’s commitment to normalize relations with Serbia is laudable, and real progress has been made that is tangibly benefitting Kosovo citizens; we will continue to work for further progress.

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Cyber Security and Privacy Conference

I am very encouraged to hear the Kosovo Government has approved a comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy and Action Plan. To open this important event today, I would like to say a few words today about the nexus between cybersecurity and privacy.

The digital economy is booming around the world – creating new jobs and opportunities we couldn’t have imagined even a decade ago. Increasingly our lives are interconnected and online – from our critical infrastructure and national security systems, to our cars and bank accounts, the digital economy has brought us efficiency and greater effectiveness.

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Launch of Internet Economy Development Partnership

One of the extraordinary things about serving here in Kosovo is that every day I get to see the innovation of Kosovo’s entrepreneurs, and the determination of so many of you who are driving economic development. And there are so many different people- I was at a Makerspace in Gjakova a couple of months ago and I had the same kind of feeling there. And Gjirafa and you, Mergim, and your whole team are such an extraordinary example of this.

U.S. Presidential Inaugurations

Fun facts about past presidential inaugurations Incoming presidents have celebrated their inaugurations in novel ways, starting with George Washington dancing the minuet after his. The Constitution offers little guidance beyond the date of the inauguration and the words of the oath. Each celebration is shaped by tradition and by each new president’s personality. Here’s a look at a few notable inaugural moments.

Info Session – Fulbright Specialist Program

U.S. Embassy, Public Affairs Section has opened the call for applications for the Fulbright Specialist program. This program allows Kosovo institutions (academic, government, civil society) to submit projects for assistance from a U.S. specialist. Deadline for receipt of applications for this program will be open until March 1, 2017. All information about this program can be found in our website; in

Ambassador Delawie’s remarks at the launch of Law on Office of Disciplinary Conduct

Accountability for judges and prosecutors is fundamentally important to implementing the rule of law. An effective disciplinary system is the key to establishing that accountability. We are not talking about crimes; we are talking about actions that are ethical violations or call into question the judgment or impartiality of a judge or prosecutor.

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Bench-Bar/Civil Society Roundtable on Anti-Corruption Day

I’m pleased to be part of the launch of our new U.S. Embassy-supported project — the “Demand for Justice” program – which will be working on some innovative ideas to improve citizens’ access to justice. For example, I was excited to hear about the initiative for Kosovo law students – under the guidance and mentorship of experienced lawyers – to provide pro bono legal assistance to Kosovo citizens, who otherwise could not afford legal representation. The program also will reach out to Kosovo’s youth in different ways to involve them in the rule of law sector.

Facebook Live Chat with Ambassador Delawie and Youth Council Anti-Corruption Week 2016

From our perspective, here at the Embassy, I think we’ve had a good year so far. We have raised awareness, a lot, about the problem of corruption. We have supported projects that make corruption less likely to happen, for example electronic procurement, and we are supporting prosecutors, judges and police on how to deal, investigate and prosecute corruption cases.

Ambassador Delawie remarks at the Anti-Corruption Concert

For five days, organizations across Kosovo have come together with a common message: united against corruption, bashkë e ndreqim. We have heard from government leaders, civil society, the international community and the media that the time has come for meaningful action in the fight against corruption. Tonight, I want to tell you that now it is your turn to take action.

Chargé d’Affaires Remarks at the Kosovo Law Institute Roundtable

Chargé d’Affaires Remarks at the Kosovo Law Institute Roundtable, December 06, 2016 Thank you, Betim and Kosovo Law Institute for organizing this important discussion.  It is my pleasure to be here today to continue to show the Embassy’s support for the very important role the justice sector plays in the fight against corruption in Kosovo. When Ambassador Delawie participated in

Fighting Corruption through Transparency of Public Spending

USAID Kosovo Acting Mission Director Mike De La Rosa remarks on Fighting Corruption through Transparency of Public Spending, December 6, 2016 Thank you very much Nora.  And thanks to everyone else for taking the time to be here today. (Minister Hoti and Mr. Besnik Osmani) I appreciate the opportunity to emphasize the U.S. Embassy and USAID’s commitment to fighting corruption

Ambassador Delawie’s Post-Election Interview with Klan Kosova

I think United States foreign policy regarding Balkans has been remarkably consistent for the last couple of decades. whether there has been a Republican in the White House or a Democrat in the White House. I don’t really expect that to change. Regarding Kosovo as well, certainly there has been very strong support for Kosovo across political spectrum in the United States so, I expect the excellent relationship between Kosovo and the United States to continue.

Check Out Our New Website!

Yes, we have a brand new website! Have a look around! The new-look website has seven sections representing broad topics that may be of interest to you. The sections are broken down further into sub-categories to assist you in finding specific information. The Seven Sections are: Visas – For all your Visa needs and questions. U.S. Citizen Services – Providing

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Women’s Economic Forum Inauguration

Failure to make more progress on these issues not only harms Kosovo’s women and girls, but also erodes the country’s overall economic development. That’s why this issue is even bigger than women’s rights and inclusion – it’s fundamentally about how Kosovo chooses to grow its economy, build prosperity, and pass it on to the next generation.

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the “Equal Rights for All” Conference

Thank you so much for inviting me to join you in promoting “Equal Rights for All!”  This event is a testament to the fact that the human rights of LGBTI persons are in fact expanding. I hope our efforts over the coming days will increase cooperation to further LGBTI rights, as you have said Mr. Chairman, both in Kosovo and

Chargé d’Affaires Hyland at the “Strategy and International Security” seminar

Good morning.  I want to thank the George C Marshall Centre and Kosovo Diplomatic Agency for organizing a seminar on such an important topic. This seminar on Strategy and International Security addresses Kosovo’s vital interests and its engagement in the region and globally. We are all dedicated to creating a world that is more peaceful and stable; united in our

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the KFC Opening Ceremony

Mirëdita.  Dobar dan.  Good morning everybody. Mayor Ahmeti, representatives of KFC, thank you very much for this celebration and for inviting me to be here.  I can tell you, it’s an absolute pleasure for me to be here and to see so many potential customers of all ages. The opening of KFC is a major step in demonstrating an improved

Vote Absentee in the 2016 Elections

With Election Day on November 8, time is running short to request an absentee ballot from your state of residence if you have not already done so. It can take a while for your request to reach local election officials in the United States and for them to process your request, so don’t wait until the last minute. More information,

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Dokufest America Night Reception

Thank you all for coming! This is the fourth annual America Night at Dokufest. This is my first time hosting this reception, and I am happy to celebrate Dokufest and Dokutech and the American filmmakers, producers and festival directors joining us tonight. I’m honored that we can do this event in the beautiful Sheh Zade House.   I am delighted that

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Signing of the MoU in Support of the Fulbright Program

President, Prime Minister, Minister Bajrami, Government of Kosovo officials. Rectors and other University Officials. Fulbright Alumni. Distinguished Guests. It is with great pleasure that I join you here today for this momentous signing ceremony. This year, we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Fulbright program—proposed by U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright in 1945 and enacted by President Harry Truman the

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at 2016 Independence Day Celebration

Mirembrema; Dobro vecer; Good evening. Mister President, Mister Speaker, Mister Prime Minister, Senator Ernst, General Orr, General Gronski, Citizens of Kosovo, members of the international community, and my fellow Americans.  Welcome to our Independence Day celebration. I think it is particularly appropriate that we had Senator Bob Corker here to help celebrate Kosovo’s Independence Day in February, and today we

The Launch of the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund with USAID Kosovo

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Launch Event of the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF), April 26, 2016 Good morning.  Speaker Veseli, Prime Minister Mustafa, Ambassador Viets, distinguished guests, good morning to everybody and welcome. I cannot tell you all how excited I am to be here talking about an economic issue.  I was actually an economist before I was a

Statement by Secretary Kerry on the Occasion of Kosovo’s National Day, February 16, 2016

On behalf of President Obama and the citizens of the United States, I am delighted to send best wishes to the people of the Republic of Kosovo as you celebrate your eighth anniversary of independence on February 17. During my visit to Kosovo in December, I applauded the recent progress your country has made toward Euro-Atlantic integration.  This progress includes

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