Ambassador Kosnett’s Remarks following Presentation of his Credentials

Ambassador Kosnett’s Remarks following Presentation of his Credentials, December 3, 2018

Mr. President, thank you.

It is a great honor for me, my family, my colleagues from the Embassy to be here today.

As you noted, I served briefly at the American Embassy in Kosovo fifteen years ago. It is an extraordinary honor and pleasure to be back to see the progress that Kosovo has already made on the path towards prosperity, justice, peace and establishing good relations with its neighbors.

I look forward to the opportunity to work closely with you, with the ministries, and also with the people of Kosovo, in addition to the government, to make clear that the United States is here to support you.

The partnership between the United States and Kosovo is without compare in the world.  There are no two countries that are closer friends than the United States and Kosovo.  It is a special privilege to be here supporting my country.

And, my wife Alison and I look forward to travelling extensively in the country, to making friends from every community and to discussing the experience of living in a diverse society, which is something that our two countries share.

I look forward to very close cooperation with your office and thank you again for the opportunity to be here today.