Ambassador Kosnett’s Remarks for Launching Event with UNICEF

Ambassador Kosnett’s Remarks for Launching Event with UNICEF, April 23, 2020

Minister Vitia, Murat, colleagues and friends, I am honored to be part of this launch event today.

The United States has partnered with UNICEF in Kosovo to help the families and institutions that are on the front lines of this battle. These kits are part of the $1.1 million USAID assistance package to Kosovo. UNICEF, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Red Cross Kosova will distribute these kits on behalf of the American people to families across Kosovo.

We all know that the best way to fight this pandemic together is to stay safe and stop the spread. The hygiene kits we are providing today will allow Kosovo families, including the most vulnerable, to protect themselves against the virus, and their overall health.

Only a unified international response is effective against this global threat. Together we can defeat COVID-19.