Ambassador Kosnett’s Remarks at the Kyle Dillingham Concert in Gjkova

Ambassador Kosnett’s Remarks at the Kyle Dillingham Concert in Gjkova, April 8, 2019

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  It is a tremendous privilege to be here this evening and to be back in Gjakova. I’m not going to give a long speech because I know that you’re here for the concert and not to listen to me.  I was just telling the Deputy Minister and the Mayor that when I’m in Gjakova, I’m always impressed by the young people, by the energy, by the creativity, by the excitement in this city. Gjakova is an amazing place. My wife Alison and I always enjoy visiting and we hope to come many times.

Tonight is about the music, and I am very excited that we are going to hear two terrific bands playing. Kyle Dillingham and Horseshoe Road, and Kafu and Gipsy Groove. Both of these bands offer styles that combine different sorts of music.

One of the reasons that the United States and Kosovo are so close is that we share the experience of being multi-ethnic communities where we draw on the contributions and strengths from every community. In the same way, these bands are going to show you how they draw on different musical traditions: rock, country, folk. It’s a very exciting approach.

As the Director mentioned, today is International Roma Day. Kafu of Gipsy Groove happens to be a representative of the Roma community and the concert tonight reminds us of the strength that Kosovo draws from its different ethnic communities. So, it’s a very special evening. I’m not going to take any more of your time, and with that let’s enjoy the show.