Ambassador Kosnett’s Remarks at the Education USA Fair

Ambassador Kosnett’s Remarks at the Education USA Fair, April 12, 2019

I just want to say what a pleasure is to be here at the Education Fair to see representatives of all sorts of American universities and colleges visiting Kosovo. I think the most exciting thing about the American university system is the variety of schools. We have big public universities, we have small liberal arts colleges, we have community colleges where you can start out for two years and then move to a large university. And you can change your course of study—you can start out in one field then move to another.

It’s very exciting to see a thousand students from Kosovo visiting today, and there are a million international students studying now in the United States. I hope that the strong ties between Kosovo and the United States in the education field are going to continue. This is just a really exciting day. Thanks very much. Faleminderit shume. Hvala.