Ambassador Delawie’s Statement to the Media about Undoing the Special Court Law

Good evening everybody. I’m here at the Assembly building. There is an initiative that has come up, apparently, there is an effort underway to repeal the law on the Special Court for Kosovo. I want to make it very clear that we the United States oppose any effort to change or repeal the law on the Special Court. I have to say I am really disappointed this thing came up out of nowhere over the last couple of days. No public debate, which on an issue of such profound interest for the future of Kosovo’s citizens is just a disgrace from my standpoint.

This effort, if it succeeds, will have profoundly negative implications for Kosovo’s future as part of Europe. It will be considered by the United States as a stab in the back. Kosovo will be choosing isolation instead of cooperation and I have to say we would hate to turn the clock back for Kosovo on progress when it has come so far.

I’m calling on Kosovo’s leaders to help shut this effort down. Everybody needs to think about the interest of the state and the 2 million Kosovo citizens instead of their personal interests on this. International support for Kosovo’s independence was built on the idea that Kosovo would deal justly with individuals who committed war crimes. Wavering from this commitment will have extraordinarily negative implications for Kosovo, for its citizens, and for its relationship with the United States. Thank you very much.