Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks Regarding Tear Gas in Assembly, February 19, 2016

RTK: We know that this is the International Mother language Day however, there is a political event going on in Pristina and there is a parliamentary session which has been interrupted. What is your opinion about that?

Ambassador Delawie:  I have to say I am very disappointed that the opposition decided to throw tear gas in the Assembly today. Only two days after we celebrated Kosovo’s 8th birthday, it is very sad for me to see people trying to thwart Kosovo’s democracy. I really encourage all parties to try to change their mindset, to try to work towards dialogue, to bring this political impasse to an end. I would encourage everybody to avoid inflammatory language like “traitor”, like “coward” that make it more difficult to have a dialogue and to develop the kind of Kosovo that the citizens of Kosovo really need and want. Thank you very much.