Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the KFC Opening Ceremony

Mirëdita.  Dobar dan.  Good morning everybody.

Mayor Ahmeti, representatives of KFC, thank you very much for this celebration and for inviting me to be here.  I can tell you, it’s an absolute pleasure for me to be here and to see so many potential customers of all ages.

The opening of KFC is a major step in demonstrating an improved investment climate in Kosovo – as the Mayor noted a few minutes ago.  We hope that this KFC will be the first of many U.S. franchises that will help increase employment, as Misty mentioned, here in Kosovo.

Colonel Harland Sanders – this guy here – the founder of KFC, had many different jobs prior to his success selling chicken as Misty explained few minutes ago.  He worked on a railroad, at a gas station, and sold life insurance – just to name a few of his jobs.  His career path, and his success with KFC in the later stages of his career, shows us that perseverance – perhaps along with 11 herbs and spices – is a key ingredient to becoming a great entrepreneur.

The United States’ strongly values and actively promotes the entrepreneurial spirit because it encourages innovation and is a significant job creator for our economy.  I am pleased to see the entrepreneurial spirit operating here in Kosovo expanding to include options from abroad, such as franchises from the United States, and adding jobs to Kosovo’s economy.

I know many of my American friends at the Embassy and elsewhere are excited that they can now enjoy a piece of home away from home through the delicious items that KFC offers, and I am pleased to see so many other people here just waiting to taste the examples that you mentioned.

I want to congratulate KAN LLC for initiating this venture and I look forward to seeing KFC here and elsewhere in Kosovo and Balkans develop and prosper.

Thank you all very much.  I appreciate being here.