Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Delivery of Waste Bins event in Zvecan, May 12, 2016

Mayor Jankovic, members of the community, and other distinguished guests: It is my pleasure to be here today.

One of my first trips after I arrived to Kosovo was a visit to Zvecan. On that day, I met many farmers at an agricultural fair to mark the successful partnership between USAID and farmers of Zvecan. Today, we mark another partnership, this time between the citizens, local authorities, and the U.S. Government to improve municipal services.

We all know that public services play an important role in the well-being of citizens and the proper functioning of communities. In addition, access to quality services can have a real, positive impact on a family’s health, safety, and education.

Shoe manufacturing machinery. Juice processing equipment. Renovating hospital laundry. Today trash cans. Not all of these things make great TV or are exciting enough to write a newspaper article about. But they al make a real difference in the lives of Kosovo citizens. I am glad that we are able to help you by providing trash bins, which will not only improve the landscape but also the public health conditions.

Keeping Kosovo clean benefits us today, but more importantly helps to preserve the environment for our children. We should all consider ourselves as trustees of our public spaces, taking care of them today so the next generation can enjoy them as well.

We, the U.S. Government, remain committed to improving your lives in direct collaboration with you and through your municipal leadership. And I look forward to my next opportunity to celebrate alongside you.

Thank you.