Ambassador Delawie’s remarks at the Coca-Cola Park Opening

Ambassador Delawie’s Remarks at the Coca-Cola Park Opening, August 7, 2017

Mirëmengjes, Dobro Jutro, Good morning. It is great to be here on a beautiful day.

Mayor Ahmeti, Representatives of Coca-Cola, thank you for inviting me to join in this celebration.

It is a pleasure to be here.  I want to congratulate Coca-Cola for creating this eco-park. I look forward to coming back when there are a lot more trees, 160-180 trees is a great number and I’ll be back in a couple months to see them all.  It is a great example of Coca-Cola’s efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, and its positive long-term effects on the communities in which it operates.

American companies use CSR activities to encourage innovation and contribute to sustainable growth and community development.  Fortune 500 companies in the United States spend, on average, more than $15 billion each year on CSR activities, helping youth, the environment, and communities all over the country.  They do this because they want to give back to their communities.  After all, what is good for the communities is often good for businesses, too.

CSR activities are not limited to large businesses.  Small and medium-sized companies also are active in CSR efforts in the United States.  However large or small their activities, businesses of all sizes can help their communities through CSR programs.  By doing so, both the companies and the communities they serve benefit in the long term.

Coca-Cola is a leader in CSR activities globally.  With their 5by20 initiative, Coca-Cola is helping to empower and employ women around the world.  Through the Coca-Cola Foundation, Coca-Cola also engages in a variety of development programs, including water stewardship, fitness and nutrition efforts, and recycling programs.  Along with two open-air gyms, this is the third CSR venue that Coca-Cola has opened in Pristina.

I am very pleased to see Coca-Cola’s worldwide CSR commitment to give back to local communities taking root here in Kosovo and I look forward to Coca-Cola’s continued leadership in the field. I would certainly encourage other Kosovo-based businesses to look at what they can do for their communities, whether here in Pristina or elsewhere in the country. Also, remember, it is not just big companies that can do this. Small companies can make a valuable contribution to their communities as well.

I certainly hope this eco-park will inspire other CSR activities in Kosovo and I look forward to seeing that bear fruit in the coming days.

Thank you.