Ambassador Delawie Remarks for the Vehicle Donation to the Family Health Center in Dragash, December 22, 2015

Good afternoon Mayor Jenuzi, Dr. Jashari, guests and friends.  Today I have the pleasure to officially hand over this vehicle to the Family Health Care Center of Dragash.  This donation is made possible by the U.S. European Command and coordinated by our Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation.

We hope that this donation will improve the care of hemodialysis patients from across the Dragash region.  This is only one of many projects we have completed in the health sector.  For example, we are currently renovating the Garment Center at the University Clinical Center.  In the past we have also renovated four wings of the Surgical Clinic and Infectious Disease Clinic and donated X-ray and Ultrasound equipment.  We plan to continue to continue such partnerships with the Ministry of Health and the University Clinics of Kosovo.

I know it is a small step, but this donation is symbolic of the commitment of the people and government of the United States to all the people of Kosovo.  We have been trying to help for the past 15 years, and we will continue to do so.  Just last week, the Millennium Challenge Corporation announced that Kosovo will receive a significant new assistance package, one that we hope will transform the country by creating jobs and fighting corruption.  This major commitment means that we will work even harder with you to develop a safe and prosperous country that will assume its rightful role in Europe.

Now I have the pleasure to officially turn over the key of this vehicle to the Family Health Care Center of Dragash.  Dr. Jashari, I appreciate your and your staff’s efforts and hope this donation will make your work easier.

Congratulations and I wish you much continued success! Thank you!