Ambassador Delawie Remarks for Graduation Ceremony of Level-1 EOD Train-the-Trainer Course Completion and Donation Ceremony for EOD Equipment to KSF E

Good morning – Minister Demolli; General Rama; distinguished guests and friends.  I am pleased to be here today for the graduation of 15 Explosive Ordnance Disposal trainers with the Kosovo Security Force.  These trainers have just completed a rigorous three-week course taught by a team from U.S. Army Europe.  They are now certified to use the safety and demining equipment we are donating today and to train future EOD teams.  Their work will make Kosovo a safer place.

The donated equipment supports the KSF’s mission of explosive ordnance disposal and demining.  It is valued at approximately $200,000 and funded by the European Command’s Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA) Program.

The training was a combined effort between our Office of Defense Cooperation, the European Command’s Humanitarian Mine Action Program, and the professional EOD team from U.S. Army Europe.  I would like to thank all of them for their work in training and equipping the KSF.  It is no exaggeration to say your mission saves lives.

I would also like to thank Minister Demolli and General Rama for their attendance today, which demonstrates their focus and commitment to the critical work of demining in Kosovo.

And to today’s graduates, I offer my heartfelt congratulations.  We are here today to celebrate your achievements.  I am certain you will use the lessons learned and this new equipment to improve the safety of all Kosovo citizens.  Thank you.