Ambassador Delawie remarks at the Anti-Corruption Concert

Ambassador Delawie’s remarks at the opening of the Anti-Corruption Concert, December 9, 2016

Thank you, Valmir, and thank you to each of the NGOs that have made this Anti-Corruption Week possible– Çohu, D+, Gap Institute, Kosovo Law Institute (KLI), Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS) and Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI).

I know that tonight we’re here for the music—and I’m looking forward to hearing Troja for the first time—but I’d like to take just a minute to talk about the importance of this week.

For five days, organizations across Kosovo have come together with a common message: united against corruption, bashkë e ndreqim.

We have heard from government leaders, civil society, the international community and the media that the time has come for meaningful action in the fight against corruption.

Tonight, I want to tell you that now it is your turn to take action.

The reality is that corruption is a problem no embassy or organization can fix.

The only people that can hold the government accountable are the citizens of Kosovo. And the only way the culture of corruption will change is from within.

Thank you again to our organizers. Thank you to the band.  Thank you to you all for listening.  Now let’s hear some music!